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How Google Ads and Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Business in No Time

How Google Ads and Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Business in No Time


There are many digital marketing tools available out there that can help your business attract more customers and gain more profits. Out of all these available tools, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads are the most effective ones.

Google & Facebook ads allow businesses to target the right audiences using sophisticated algorithms which leads to more ROI.   

Both these platforms give you an affordable and easy way to generate more leads and increase your customer base. In this article, we are going to share with you how Google Ads and Facebook Ads can help you grow your business in the least amount of time.

Before we jump into the discussion, let’s first briefly look at what Google ads and Facebook ads are so that you get a clear picture.

What are Google Ads?

Google ads is the world’s largest Pay Per Click advertising platform which helps businesses get exposure and generate more leads. The paid search usually involves keyword targeting, and the use of text-based advertisement.

The process of google ads is simple and straightforward which makes it possible for anyone to use these to their advantage.  

In Google ads, the advertisers have to bid on the Keywords. After that their ads can appear alongside search results that are associated with these most popular keywords. Each time some user clicks on the ads, the advertiser is charged for that click.

The main goal here is to allow businesses to find new customers based on the keywords that they are entering into the search engine. Google ads have proved to be quite effective, especially for small businesses that do not have enough revenue and resources to spend on traditional advertisement.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads is another great platform that businesses are using to find new customers and to display their services to a more interested audience. Facebook has the highest number of monthly users and many businesses are taking advantage of this fact to build a strong online presence. Facebook ads are a part of social media management & marketing process. Running effective Facebook ads involves a deep analysis of the behavior and online activities of the prospective audience for developing highly targeted ads.

This means Facebook ads allow users to find businesses that they need at the moment. Facebook ads are more user-centric in a way that these ads only appear to users who have looked at or shown interest in something that resembles the business of the advertiser. 

How Google Ads and Facebook Ads Can Grow Your

Now that we have covered the basic differences between Google and Facebook ads, let’s take a look at how these ads can help your business grow.

  • They Give You a Huge Audience

The most effective way to make your business grow is to make sure more people know about it. Considering today almost every individual has smartphones and access to Google and Facebook, it is natural that marketing experts are using these platforms to display products and services of different businesses.

According to research, more than 40000 search queries are entered in Google every second, and about 1.2 trillion web searches every year. This shows how great your chances are of increasing brand awareness if you use Google ads and Facebook ads for digital marketing.

By increasing the number of people who can view your ads, you can significantly improve your sales and profits and that is exactly what you get from Google and Facebook ads.   

  • Equal Playing Field

Google and Facebook ads give a level playing field to all the competing businesses. Gone are the days when more sales were a result of more advertising budget. The success of your advertisement in digital marketing is not based on the money you spend, rather it is determined by the relevancy and quality of your ads.

These platforms work using sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms are designed so that they only prefer ads that are more valuable to their users. These ads contain relevant keywords, informative content, and readable vocabulary. The more you focus on these things the better will be the results no matter what the budget for your advertisements is.

  • Incredible ROI

Both Google and Facebook ads give you a very high return on investment as compared to other digital marketing platforms.  With an investment of just a few dollars, you can make your business visible to a large number of people.

Generating more ROI is the main goal for a business of any kind and with Google Ads and Facebook ads you can easily achieve that. 

This makes Facebook and Google ads the best-value online advertising solutions. Using these tools, you can carry out the most impactful and rewarding marketing campaigns while spending very little of your time energy, and other resources.

  • Easy Campaign Control

You can easily carry out and control marketing campaigns if you use Google and Facebook ads. You do not need a special degree to be able to execute successful ads using these platforms.

The ease of use and high rewards are what make these ads so powerful especially for small businesses that do not have the resources.   

With just a little practice and guidance, you will be able to use these tools to make your business grow by leaps and bounds. This also saves money and time that you spend on the training of your employees in digital marketing.

This way you can soon get overwhelming results from your marketing campaign even when you do not have a tech background or special IT skills.

  • More Conversion Rate

Marketing through Google and Facebook ads can increase your conversion rates manifolds. These ads have the power to influence potential leads by appearing to them at the right time and place.

Google Ads appear in the top results and with top keywords and Facebook ads target customers based on their past interactions with online businesses like yours.

Both of these factors combine to give you great exposure. As more and more people visit your business, the chances of you landing a client automatically increase.

This way you can earn more profit by just using these two tools and making minor adjustments along the way.

  • Remarketing

The main goal of remarketing is to encourage people who have already interacted with your brand to take the desired action. Google and Facebook ads use cookies to retarget their previous visitors. By working on the remarketing, you can urge the existing customers to buy your services again which simply means more profit for you.   

You can make little adjustments to show ads to people who have previously performed specific actions on the website. This forces customers to view your business again and again which sometimes can lead to conversions.

Remarketing capabilities of Google and Facebook are what makes these platforms stand out and you too can use these features to make your business grow as quickly as possible.

  • Easy Tracking and Progress Assessment

You can easily track and market the results and success of your marketing campaign if you use Google and Facebook ads. There are a lot of ways and metrics like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc. that you can use to determine how successful your current marketing strategy is.

You can also become aware of some of the weak spots in your marketing plan and remove these as soon as possible. By accurately tracking your progress, you will be able to make better modifications so that you can reach your marketing goals without having to suffer any loss.

This is the reason why, if you plan on staying on top of every step of your digital marketing strategy, we suggest you start using Google Ads and Facebook Ads as soon as possible.

  • Quick Results

Google Ads and Facebook ads are much more effective in getting quicker results as compared to traditional SEO. Though SEO costs less, it takes much longer to work. The results are based on the quality of the content, backlinks, number of hits, and several other factors. Taking care of all of these is tough and time consuming.

Using Google and Facebook ads, you can easily get instant results by targeting the right audiences. An even more effective strategy is to use SEO in combination with these two types of ads. This way, you will be able to create a lasting brand presence and generate much more profit in no time.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the ways in which Google and Facebook ads can help your business grow. Using these tools, you will be able to reach clients from your area as well as from other parts of your country. This greater exposure leads to more conversions as well as sales.

Digital marketing is quite effective for businesses of all types and sizes and that is why there is a need for you to pay attention to this important tool. We really hope you find this information useful and we wish you the very best in using Google Ads and Facebook ads to make your business grow.         

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